Bulgaria - Fix Incorrect Junctions on Roundabouts

Hello Bulgaria OpenStreetMap Community,

I would like to share a new MapRoulette challenge type (Bulgaria - Fix Incorrect Junctions on Roundabouts). We’ve developed new checks aimed at identifying and correcting cases where two or more highways are connected to the same node on a roundabout.
According to the [OSM wiki documentation], highways entering and exiting a roundabout should never connect to the same node on that roundabout.

Why is this important? Fixing such situations will enable routing applications that rely on OSM data to correctly recognise the situation, providing improved guidance when entering or exiting a roundabout.The Leads were detected based on a query of OSM data.

We compared the number of highways entering and exiting a roundabout to find situations with a high number of highways or a low number of highways that are part of junction=roundabout or junction=circular. We excluded pedestrian paths, cycleways and roads that are located on different levels (bridges, tunnels).I trust you’ll find this challenge valuable for enhancing OpenStreetMap in Bulgaria.

There are currently 132 tasks distributed throughout the country. If you believe it adds value, we may be able to add more tasks.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!
Salim, TomTom

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