Bulgaria - Mapping Missing Buildings

Hello Bulgaria OpenStreetMap community,

I would like to share a new project focusing on mapping missing buildings in Plovdiv. We’ve identified several areas in Plovdiv lacking building data, and your mapping skills are crucial to closing these gaps. Join us to make a real difference by contributing to:

  • OpenStreetMap’s accuracy and completeness: Your contributions directly impact the map’s usefulness for organizations, universities, and individuals globally.
  • Plovdiv’s digital representation: Enhance the city’s digital presence by accurately reflecting its built environment.
  • Your own mapping skill set: Gain valuable experience while collaborating with fellow mappers in the community.

Get involved:

  1. Explore the challenge: Visit the project page here:OSMUS Tasking Manager
  2. Choose your tasks: Select specific missing buildings to map, whether residential, commercial, or other structures.
  3. Start mapping: Use the user-friendly Tasking Manager platform to locate and add buildings based on your reliable sources and knowledge.

If you like this project and see similar value in other Bulgarian regions, let us know, we’re open to expanding based on community interest.
Need help?

Happy mapping!

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