Bureau of Vector-borne Diseases campaign: possible violation of Organized Editing Guidelines

Like others, I run often into these weird rounded area shapes with digit descriptions and non-prefixed village names overlapping existing residential areas with a source of BVBDXXXXXX, DVBDXXXXXX, WHO2019.

They raise validation errors both in iD and JOSM. Their name tag does not include the required prefix and sometimes conflicts with the existing village name.

I have left a few changeset comments but never heard of the original mapper. Deleted some of them manually, and sometimes kept the name/source.

Found out thru the forum search (the year 2020):


that a local organization, the Bureau of Vector-borne Diseases have:

  • pretty much used OSM as their own custom database
  • reverted changes post-cleanup e.g. 80125521, 89829776
  • not documented publicly their activities nor contact the community (a private exchange was made with RussMcD, see forum post above)
  • not provided further info on the source and license of data.

Until 2 years ago, they seem to have maintained at least 12 thousand of these data inputs across Thailand: overpass turbo

I have asked their main contact Elijah Filip | OpenStreetMap to respond to this thread and provide more info about their campaign, their source of data and license, and whether they are willing to perform manual post-cleanup activities.

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