Business hours keep displaying incorrect information


I’ve been trying to update or send new data to update my business location.

The address is 32 S Abbott Ave, Milpitas, CA. 95035
The business name is Tiktok Lounge, and it’s a nail salon/beauty salon that was fully rebuilt from early 2023.

The location and logo is still tagged from a previous Sprint/T-mobile store. Google map does not have an update business sign on the 3d map.

I’ve been trying to input new data into Openmap app, but the business hours keep changing and it show up incorrectly no matter how I arrange the hours.

A lot of customers are using Apple phone devices, so my business location doesn’t even show up on their phone or Instagram map. It has been extremely difficult and it affects the business drastically because they can’t find the business location. Please help me correct this issue. I have all documents and photos if you need it.

Thank you for your help.

Michael Than

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