By any chance, does 'Discourse' not have the ability to create multilingual posts?(여러 언어 게시물 작성 기능)

It would be useful to have the ability to create posts in multiple languages to lower the barrier between languages within OSM.
For example, if someone writes a post in a particular language, someone who speaks another language will be able to translate and paste the post, and someone who reads the post will be able to see the post in their language of choice.
This would allow a single piece of content to be shared more widely and easily with users of each language.

Do you think this is possible in ‘Discourse’?

reference link : Regarding regional categories hindering unified communication…(지역 카테고리가 통합된 소통을 방해하는 문제에 대하여…)

혹시 'Discourse’에 다국어 게시물 작성 기능은 없습니까?

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