Can you search for specific tag deletions throughout history?

I’m are that Overpass has access to “attic” data and can present diffs between dates, but is it possible to search the “attic” for changesets that removed a specific tag while leaving another in place?

My specific use case is that I recently noticed and reverted a change that removed a boundary=administrative tag while leaving behind the type=boundary part on a relation effectively detagging a country’s borders. I know that that specific country has had that happen once before and am wondering how often this sort of thing happens globally. I imagine such tagging errors don’t last long so the current state of the map will likely mask most instances.

In both cases these were brand new users that also did fairly minor edits that seem more typical for a new user.

Is there a tool that will do this without me having to run my own instance of something with the whole history of the planet file?

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