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Category name

OSM Latam

Is this a top-level category or a subcategory?

This is a category under communities, that could include all Latin american countries.

Description of its purpose and which open mapping groups it will serve

This category includes the issues for all latin american countries, because these countries share many historical elements, that are reflected in the map.

Why is this new category needed instead of being hosted as part of the existing ones?

Because Latam is a big part of the world, with its own problematic, languages, mapping things.

Is this a new space or does it already exist on other platforms? Where?

It already exist as a mailing list, telegram channel, Wiki pages, Twitter and facebook accounts.

Current volume of messages on the former platforms, if any (per week/per month)

5 topics per week, where discussions are very active from many members.

Is there a transition plan for the old platform to this new one? (please link or describe)

We will encourage to use this platform for interesting and controversial discussions.

(Optional) A link or list of the category specific guidelines

The OSM guidelines are enough.

List the usernames of the category moderators

@angoca @risturiz Celine, Roirobo

Angoca is from Colombia; Rafael is from Venezuela and contributes in Colombia and many other countries; Celine is from Mexico, and Roirobo is from Costa Rica. All of them are well-known leaders in the Latam community (as can be seen from the Telegram channel), helping everyone to have a good conversation, and the fact that they come from different countries, different interests, that gives a neutral tone to the topics. Also, many of them administer different social networks in Latam.

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