Cemetery tag not suitable?

On March 24 I went for a drive to try some things. I set my “action camera” to take photos every 10 seconds. I set OsmAnd on my phone to make track points at the same interval, of course, the two devices are not synced time-wise except to the closest minute (it is a cheap action camera). On my trip, I stopped at two cemeteries and drove through them (another hobby of mine).

To my point This morning I loaded the photos, and the GPX track and loaded them into JOSM then downloaded the data layers of the area I drove in. I created a node in each of the cemeteries Geographic>landuse>cemetery and I got a pop-up that the cemetery tag is not suitable, so I added the graveyard tag and added the other data I wanted to add. Why is the cemetery tag unsuitable?
A semi-related note, is there a way to make the tag text larger?

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