Change PTv2 value of name= tag on bus routes


I’ve been going through and fixing some of the bus lines in New York City, in part with the help of PTNA - US-NY-MTA and I’ve come to the conclusion that the current wiki instructions for creating bus routes, particularly name= tag make the data less usable.

PTv2 states that the name= tag for bus routes should consist of bus line names combined with values of to= and from= tags, which are first and last stop names.

I think, at least in NYC, we should divert from those instructions and instead use proper names for routes, such as what you can see on, paper/pdf maps and in GTFS feeds. Most often they are neighborhood names or occasionally prominent locations.

My logic for this is when looking at these bus routes it’s much easier to understand where they are going based on the neighborhoods rather than names of some streets.

For example, in Brooklyn for B6 line it’s much easier to understand:
East New York -> Bath Beach

instead of

Livonia Avenue & Ashford Street -> Cropsey Avenue & 25th Avenue

Or in Queens for Q7 line it would be
East New York -> JFK Cargo Area

instead of

Pitkin Avenue & Euclid Avenue -> South Cargo Road & Cargo Plaza.

I look forward to your feedback.

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