Changes to the USA / Canada border at the southern end of Alaska

Hello, Andy from the DWG here.
We’ve received a report of a problematic edit to the area known as the Dixon Entrance , here.

What seems to have happened is that a relatively new non-local mapper has tried to “fix” the border here (because the USA and Canada borders didn’t align, presumably due to the dispute that the Wikipedia link mentions).

The affected relations were the USA, Alaska, and two lower-level Alaska relations, Ketchikan Gateway and Unorganized Borough. The last two relations were actually broken in the process and have since been restored by another mapper.

The net result seems to be:

USA before
USA this morning
Alaska before
Alaska this morning
(those examples look different before and after)

Ketchikan Gateway before
Ketchikan Gateway after
Unorganized Borough before
Unorganized Borough after
(those examples look OK now, but may still need checking)

The relevant changesets seem to be 128606318, 128607009, 128607218, 128607350, 128608035 and 128608075.

Note that there are node and way changes made in those changesets too. A “simple revert” isn’t an option, because among other things some of the relations concerned have had valid edits since.

Assuming that the changes made by this mapper do need to be undone, does anyone fancy having a go? It’d need to be someone with some experience of editing large relations, of course. If not I’m sure that we (the DWG) can, but we being non-local to Alaska/Canada there may be things (like the node and way edits) that we’re unfamiliar with.

Best Regards,

I’ll also mention this on talk-ca, talk-us and OSM-US Slack, but it made sense to try and have the discussion in one place to which everyone has access.

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