Charging stations (sites or individual chargers?)

Since 2020 there have been slow-burning discussions on the discussion page for amenity=charging_station. regarding the use of the tag.
Comparable to gas stations (amenity=fuel) which usually have multiple fuel pumps (man_made=fuel_pump or vending) charging devices often appear in clusters/sites. A lot of times one charger has capacity for one or two vehicles.
The Wiki and OSM didn’t distinguish between individual chargers and sites which leads to confusion and to fact that the tag is being used for both at the moment.

Since capabilities among individual chargers (I have seen 11kW chargers next to 150 kW chargers), we need the ability to represent both.

I’m therefore reaching out to more people than possible in the discussion page to see if we can come up with a solution.

A user on the discussion page hints at the official definition for charging station which would indicate it being the devices
The dictionary reflects more the common use of language where a charging station can be the site as well as the device

Also while we are on the topic. Maybe we find some good ideas for battery swap stations as well :smiley:

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