Clarify what will happen on 30th September

There’s a message at the top of that says:

*** NOTICE: By 30th of September 2022 the will be retired, please request a category for your community in the new ones as soon as possible using this process, which will allow you to propose your community moderators. We expect the migration of data will be finished by that date, you can follow its progress here.***

What it doesn’t say is what will happen where the process does not apply. As an example, is a subforum that is almost never used and has no moderators. Will the content be transferred?** If so, shouldn’t the link at the top say so?

A subsidiary question is “given that the answer to ^^ question is probably in this forum somewhere, how do I find out the answer there?”. I was able to find Brazil subcategory - #6 by nukeador by searching the emails that this site has sent me in mailing list mode. If I try that same search on this site itself (“governance transfer”) I get something different that does not answer the question. How would someone who doesn’t have mailing-list mode emails from the site find out the answer?

** actually, I could be persuaded either way as to whether it should or not, but that’s not really relevant to the question.

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