Clean up the types of 'shelter' on the OSM wiki

In general, I think there are three kinds of ‘shelter’.
A facility for sheltering from inclement weather, like the ‘amenity=shelter’ entry on the OSM wiki,
A place or area for emergency temporary shelter from a disaster.
(often serving as a temporary gathering place: bomb shelters, tsunami shelters, nuclear accident shelters, etc.)
(I’m sure there are facilities for this purpose in other countries, so maybe it’s already on the OSM wiki and I’m just not finding it.)
And a facility that provides protection from a disaster.
(bombing bunker, nuclear bunker, etc.).
I think there should be a clear distinction between the three.
And the ‘Key:shelter_type’ type on the OSM wiki, which lists severe weather shelters, contains ‘nuclear’.
I don’t think this should be included in that entry.

I’d love to see someone put this idea into a formal discussion or clean it up.

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