Cleaning up LA County carports and garages imported as apartment buildings

Hi! I’m not very involved with OSM discussion in general, so apologies if this has already been discussed somewhere.

I primarily edit in the Los Angeles area, most recently casually chipping away at the many locations where houses are being replaced by apartments and townhouses. While observing the tagging of the imported buildings, I’ve noticed that the detached carports commonly found alongside mid-century apartment buildings have been imported as apartment buildings themselves. Interestingly, they have a building:units=* tag with the same value as the apartment building they belong to. They do, however, usually have their own (plausible) values for height=*,

I initially assumed this situation would eventually get sorted out with AI assistance, but today it occurred to me that a pretty good heuristic would be to find “apartment buildings” with building:units=* tags and having a height=* value less that four. Indeed, a quick random sampling of the results from this query found no false positives. Adding a check for an adjacent building with a matching building:units=* value and substantially greater height would probably give very reliable results.

I’m not prepared to make a semi-automated project of this myself, but I figured I would bring it up here for discussion, in case anyone else finds it an interesting itch to scratch. Cheers!

EDIT: After sifting through the query results some more, and finding a few cases of low height values on what appear to be residential buildings tagged as apartments, I changed the query to only match building:units=* values greater than four, which thinned things out a little, and seems like a reasonable threshold for an apartment having these types of carports. It still catches some odd cases like this one, though.

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