Cleanup of name= fields describing buildings


A user in the OSM US Slack pointed out that this mapper has been adding name=rumah and name=bangunan etc to structures they have added. I have sent them a message about using the name tag more appropriately and cleaned up the local area to their recent edits. However, this overpass query shows that this is somewhat common across the region and will need some more work helping various mappers. A couple other common name= values that I suspect better as regular building tags are “pabrik”, “bandunan”, and “sekolah”.

Beyond that, the presence of these may point to areas that need even more cleanup. Scrolling around a bit (and a lot of mechanical translation) leads me to believe this is one such area: Node: ‪Campakoah‬ (‪1308701335‬) | OpenStreetMap. I did a mechanical translation of all of the name= fields in this area, trying to get a sense of it, you can see it here.

I am happy to do the cleanup edit (JOSM makes this super easy) but it may be easier for someone more local to investigate and see what things need to be taken care of. It’s also probably helpful to have someone send messages to local mappers and talk with them about the general nuances here. After all, it’s a super easy mistake for mappers to make!

All that said, it’s totally possible I have massively misunderstood some local mapping convention… so definitely let me know if that’s the case.

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