Cleanup of old imported key "census:population" in the United States

Let’s discuss the key census:population. The wiki does a good job documenting how the key came to be in the database and has some notes under “cleanup” so I recommend reading that.

Here’s some stats from poking around a bit:

  • 18,397 features still have this key
  • 18,392 of these features are not in the “United States” according to Overpass areas
  • 62 features with the tag census:population do not have the tag population
  • 15,730 features have a census:population and population value that agree on the population
  • Spot checking ~30 random features where census:population and population disagree leads one to believe that the vast majority of such cases are caused by the census:population value being wildly out of date.

Given the above, my personal feeling is that this is now a dead and useless tag. My first proposal would be to remove this tag from every feature that has a population tag and adjust the other 62 features manually.

What do folks think? If there’s no major concerns/discussion ongoing, I’ll probably get around to this next week.

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