Collection and categorisation of systematic tagging issues

I would like to collect in this thread situations that are not covered by current tagging schemes defined in the wiki. I am interested in meaningful examples that show absurdities, create inconsistency or confusion. Ultimately, the goal is to use these examples to create constructive and feasible proposals to improve the tagging system.

However, it is also a bit of personal interest, as I would like to understand on which different levels an organically grown classification system operates and where limitations arise through the system, and how these can be optimally addressed. So if you have these kind of meta thoughts as well, please share with me.

Think of this thread as an issue tracker, I ask that it is only about collecting examples of where the current tagging system is reaching its limits, and not about promoting specific solutions. For discussions about the individual issues, separate threads should be linked, this is just about collecting and observing.

The whole thing is inspired by the landcover debate, which reveals open questions on many levels.

Possible levels of issues:

  • The concepts of land use and landcover are intermingled.
  • Level of detail of different constructs (coarse, fine) and how they interact at the boundaries

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