Completing all the firestations in Belgium

Since this month, I work at the NCCN (Nationaal Crisiscentrum / Centre de Crise National). For now I’m focusing on collecting data for our new emergency planning and crisis management application, called Paragon. One of the many datasets we need are the firestations. We looked at official data and OSM, but there is no single perfect dataset around at this point.

OSM could easily become perfect though! That’s why I’m starting a small test project for the NCCN. If this is succesful, we might try it for other topics as well.

The job is simple: this wiki page lists all the fire station zones in Belgium with their website. For every zone, please check if all the places they mention on the site are mapped in OSM. Also check if there are things mapped as firestations that are not really firestations or are not operated by the zones.

The wiki has more detailed instructions.

There’s a section at the bottom to leave the URLs of difficult cases. Please update the table in the wiki or post below to share what you checked.

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