Concern Google Maps used OSM GPS trace

Let me start out with maybe this is a coincidence and Google caught on to this from using their own users GPS while using their app, but seems like perfect timing.

A newly reconfigured (basically completely newly constructed) street nearby was opened to traffic on December 19th, 2023. A few days ago (January 2nd 2024) I took a GPS trace of the new road and uploaded it to OSM and changed the road in OSM to follow this new route ( Changeset #145780066 ).

Google Maps as of January 2nd when I checked had not updated their maps for the new road and had still stated the old road was completely closed. Now as of today I checked and the new configuration is on Google Maps and (at least visually) lines up exactly with the GPS trace I uploaded.

Is this a crazy coincidence that less than 4 days after OSM got updated Google updated theirs? When ultimately they would have been receiving GPS traces from their own users since the road opened several weeks ago.

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