Conditional bollard

This node is an hydraulic bollard in the middle of a country road.

It is raised between Friday 22:00 and Sunday Sunday 22:00, to make sure people can hear their lawnmowers undisturbed by traffic during weekends I guess… :grinning:

Anyway, I added access:conditional=yes @ Sun 22:00-24:00;Mon-Thu;Fri 00:00-22:00 to the bollard but routers do not seem to take it into account. They avoid the road at all times and days.


  • Can you confirm if routers can follow conditional access rules on a bollard? If yes, is there something wrong with my clause?
  • Alternatively I was thinking of removing the bollard node and placing the condition on the stretch of road that is inaccessible when the bollard is up (+ a description of what is going on). Does it sound reasonable?

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