Consensus on tagging train stop based train protection systems

Currently many train stop based systems such as “Bernauer-Fahrsperre” and “CTS/M” (used by many subway systems, like Berlin, Hamburg or Monterrey) aren’t properly tagged. The Wiki also doesn’t mention how to tag them, so I wanted to use this thread to discuss what tags we want to use to do so. I have two proposals:

  • Use a common tag for these systems, since they aren’t highly sophisticated and all only serve the purpose to prevent running over a red signal. (railway:mmts = Mechanical and Magnetic train stop)
  • Tag each system with it’s own tag. (railway:befs, railway:ctsm, etc.)

More on train-stop based systems: Train stop - Wikipedia
CTS/M (around the middle of the page): Conventional Train Control (CTC) - Automatic Train Control - Global

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