Consolidating OSM Communications: A Call for Clarity and Migration Plans

So, diving into a specific historical issue or tag is a bit of a headache. The communication about it is all over the place - Wiki discussions, the talk mailing list, this forum,, and probably more.

I thought the whole point of Discourse was to bring everything under one roof. Props for migrating the old forum :clap: and the plan to shut down on March 1st this year, but what’s the deal with the talk mailing list? Still active, and no word on moving it.

While the US community has expressed interest in migrating their mailing list, I propose that this initiative should be applied globally:

Sure, the mailing list archives are out there for everyone, but why not just consolidate it all in one place?

Also, what about migrating and shutting down discussions on all those wiki pages? Communicating in wiki format is such a hassle.

What’s your take on this whole situation?

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