Consultation on fundraising strategy

For 2023, the OSMF Board has decided to target a balanced budget. Given our expected income and expenses, there is a gap of approximately 500K GBP that we need to fundraise for.

In the fall, we started planning for this by taking part in a workshop on fundraising strategy and operations Board/Minutes/2022-10 - OpenStreetMap Foundation.

What has been clear is that we need a diversified campaign engaging wide community for small amounts, and target larger asks to businesses and major giving from individuals. This needs to be organized and executed effectively – there is a lot of communication, outreach, development of new mechanisms for giving, etc.

We are considering contracting an experience consultant who is already engaged in OpenStreetMap community to assist us in this process. The usual set up for such is a small percentage fee of what’s raised. They would work closely with the Board and fundraising committee, as well as share details of process publicly in regular diary entries. All of this is designed in mind to make the fundraising campaign reflect how we work as a community. We think this is low risk, high reward, and that dedicated attention to fundraising is necessary to make it successful.

We’ll need everyone’s help as well – from getting the word out, creatively engaging potential donors, to making asks, to of course kicking in a bit of money too.

Please share viewpoints here, or if you prefer directly with We will receive your input over the next week until March 22.

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