Continuous footways (sidewalks, pavements)

How do we tag continuous footways? This is where the sidewalk to a main road continues across a side road, so cars have to drive over the sidewalk to access the main road from the side road and vice versa.

I am wondering how to tag the crossing node.

Looking at the documented tags, the closest ones seem to be crossing=unmarked or maybe crossing:markings=surface (in addition to traffic_calming=table kerb=no tactile_paving=no etc.), but neither tag is really appropriate. In a way, a continuous footway is the inverse of an unmarked crossing. In a typical unmarked crossing, there are no markings on the road to indicate that pedestrians might be crossing it. In this case, there are no markings on the sidewalk to say that cars might be crossing it.

There has been some discussion on the tagging mailing list ([Tagging] Continuous Sidewalk or Cycleway) with some interesting comments and a Wiki page was created (Continuous Sidewalk - OpenStreetMap Wiki) but there was disagreement about the proposed tag and the discussion didn’t really reach a conclusion. (Taginfo gives 425 uses for continuous_sidewalk=yes)

Of course sidewalks very often continue uninterrupted across driveways and there has also been some discussion about whether this should be tagged with highway=crossing at all. In this case, where there is quite a bit of traffic on the side road and potential for conflict between drivers and pedestrians, I would like a tag, if only to indicate that it has been surveyed. One option that came up in the linked discussion is the tag crossing=pavement which has been used 1,042 times but is undocumented. Is this the tag I am looking for?

In cities where such crossings are common, how are they usually tagged?

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