Converting osm to .obj gets stuck

I am trying to convert manually selected OSM to .obj
max latitude 37.45741924441423
min latitude 37.454725015309435
min longitude 127.07585562251147
max longitude 127.07740478872505

java -jar ./OSM2World.jar -i ./map.osm -o ./map.obj --performancePrint

Relation r6427650 is incomplete, missing members: ‘outer’: Way 432190836, ‘inner’: Way 432190841, ‘inner’: Way 432190838, ‘inner’: Way 432190835, ‘inner’: Way 432190840, ‘inner’: Way 432190837, ‘inner’: Way 432190834
phase MAP_DATA finished after 190 ms
phase REPRESENTATION finished after 298 ms
phase ELEVATION finished after 0 ms
time terrain interpolation: 0:00:00.260
time add constraints: 0:00:00.000
time enforce constraints: 0:00:00.000
phase TERRAIN finished after 354 ms

what could be the cause of it getting stuck?

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