Converting .osm to .obj throws error

This is my first time using OSM2World and I am trying to convert a .osm file to a .obj using the .osm file found in this tutorial.
(File can be downloaded here:

However, when I navigate command prompt to the OSM2World folder and then run the command to convert the file:
java -jar ./OSM2World.jar -i ./manhattan-buildings.osm -o ./manhattan.obj --performancePrint

I get the No --config paramter line and then the following error:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "" because "node" is null
at org.osm2world.core.map_data.creation.MapDataCreationUtil.withoutConsecutiveDuplicates(


at org.osm2world.core.map_data.creation.OSMToMapDataConverter.createMapElements(

at org.osm2world.core.map_data.creation.OSMToMapDataConverter.createMapData(

at org.osm2world.core.ConversionFacade.createRepresentations(
at org.osm2world.console.Output.output(
at org.osm2world.console.OSM2World.executeArgumentsGroup(
at org.osm2world.console.OSM2World.main(

I’m sure it’s something simple that I’m doing wrong.
I cannot open the file in the GUI because it is too big.
I am using the most recent version of OSM2World (downloaded today 11/9/2023), Java 17.09, and Windows 10.

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