Corner Addresses in South Africa

I am writing to discuss an aspect of the OpenStreetMap data and its conventions, specifically the usage and acceptability of the term “corner of” in address information. In some local contexts, people often refer to a location as being at the “corner of” two streets. This method of describing locations is relatively common in verbal communication; however, it has sparked a question about its usage within OpenStreetMap data.

I am eager to understand how the OpenStreetMap community represents such addresses. Is the practice of using “corner of” accepted within the community, or is there a recommended alternative for these particular cases? I seek clarity on whether there’s an established guideline or attribute that should be used to denote these “corner locations”.

Moreover, is there a specific practice followed under the standards set by OpenStreetMap to ensure uniformity for such locations across all map data? It would be immensely helpful to have your input, as it would help in ensuring the accuracy and consistency of the OpenStreetMap data that we use and contribute to.
Looking forward to hearing from you and gaining more insight into this matter. Thank you for your time and assistance.

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