Correction needed for east end of tracks at Truxton Flyover (Arizona)

Here is the information that should help fix this issue. I hope that I haven’t forgotten anything necessary or important. I would have fixed this myself, except the iD editor doesn’t seem to work with relations as near as I can tell.

h - incorrectly placed switch, should be moved to Main 2
h - Main 1, correctly placed
h - Siding, incorrectly attached to Main 1, should be attached to Main 2. Also this way is incorrectly tagged as a Main instead of a Siding.
h - Main 2, correctly placed
h - the relation that needs to be modified. Note that the Siding should not be part of the relation. Other similar sidings are not part of the relation. (The Siding could very well have been a Main prior to 2020).

OpenStreetMap - View in OSM
Google Maps - View in Google Maps

This is the East end of the Truxton Flyover. Main 1 goes over the Flyover. That the middle track is a Siding and not a Main can easily be deduced by the unpowered cut of cars sitting on the track further west in Google Maps.

The Truxton Flyover itself was completed in late 2020. The other changes to this area were made in 2021. There is a YouTube video ( from December 2020 that shows the changes in progress at the 5:00 mark.

(Note: As a new poster, only three links are allowed, so an extra ‘h’ was prepended to some of the links.)

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