Criteria for distinguishing between 'Pagoda' and 'Stupa'

I think I need to clarify the concept rather than solve the problem, so I put it on ‘General talk’ rather than ‘Help & Support’.

The key Tag:man_made=stupa is described as follows.
‘Do not tag man_made=stupa to a tiny stupa that resembles a sculpture (e.g. the 1-meter tall ones).’

  1. What should I tag the stupa that looks like a sculpture of about 1~2 meter?

  2. In the example of this key, why is the structure in ‘Qingtongxia, China’ included in the stupa? (It doesn’t look like it’s even 2 meters tall…)

I’m going to ask you this.
How do I tell the difference between ‘#pagoda’ and ‘#stupa’?
(Especially, I would like to listen to the opinions of people in Asia :earth_asia:.)

There are many types of pagodas and stupas in Asia, generally divided by shape, but that is insufficient.
When it comes to East Asia, there are many different shapes.

I think that a clearer concept and distinction between pagodas and stupas is needed that all Asian cultures can agree on.

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