Cursor pointer on marker in #openstreetmaps

I have this code with openstreetmaps (is a cicle, then I have more marker named marker1, marker2 ,marker3 and so on), but property cursor: pointer dont workk (I tried with a lot of browser of course).

    // Create a marker feature 1    
    var marker1 = new ol.Feature({
        geometry: new ol.geom.Point(ol.proj.fromLonLat([14.3619382, 46.0649361])),
        name: 'some text',
        description: 'other some text'

    // Create a marker style 1  
    var markerStyle1 = new{
        image: new{
        src: '/assets/images/ico.png',
        scale: 1            }),
        cursor: 'pointer'
    // Set style to marker feature 1    

    // Add the marker feature 1 to the vector source

Also tried with css:

.ol-marker .ol-icon {
cursor: pointer;

the same, dont work :( 
Someone can help me plese? 
Thanks in advanced

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