Custom Access Restrictions table for Thailand

I would like to start the process of creating a custom Access Restrictions table for Thailand and get some early feedback on its feasibility:

My main goal is to move away from using legal access tags to subjectively decide the suitability of a path for a motorcycle or any other means and use instead the appropriate activity scale tags (more on this later in a separate wiki revision topic).

For background, the default access restrictions do not include motorcycle=yes for highway=path, and motorcycle=yes has been used primarily instead to indicate the path suitability for motorcycles which is a very subjective matter.

Also, the default access does not reflect the current law for e.g. motorcycle restrictions on motorways, and it would be great to document the current law restrictions (ROAD TRAFFIC ACT, 1979).

My proposal would be to look at the Philippines table which I believe should be very similar to Thailand, and adapt its notes to Thailand specifics:

What do you think? Is anyone familiar with the law? what would you change from the Philippines example ?

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