Cycleway "lane" or "track" for Protected Bike Lanes?

In OSM we distinguish road-related cycleways mainly between “lane” and “track”. One could say, roughly defined, that “lane” usually refers to a cycleway directly on the carriageway, and “track” to everything off the carriageway.

But our definition is differentiated and uses the “physical” separation of the cycleway:

  • “A cycle lane is bicycle infrastructure that is an inherent part of the road, but set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles, whilst being separated only by paint or other markings, and without a physical separation from vehicles.”
  • " A cycle track is separated from the road by curbs, parking lots, grass verges, trees or another physical barrier, but is running parallel to and next to the road."

A cycle lane like in the picture below, which is not only separated by markings but also by e.g. posts or bollards, might therefore be a “track”. I would like to get a sense of the community’s opinion on this, to sharpen the definitions for this case.

The example picture is one of our “separation” schema examples, and I think it illustrates the issue very well:

Click to view the poll.

In the case the cycleway on the image above shows a “track”, I wonder whether we see a “track” in the middle of the road and a “lane” on the right street side in this image:

So what do you think?

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