Cycleway:left/right=* at segregated paths

I noticed that there are about 200 paths in Germany (but it is an international issue) with cycleway/sidewal:left/right trying to modele the side of the cycle path or footpath at segregated cycle-footpaths.

something like highway=footway + cycleway:left=lane bicycle=designated
instead of highway=path + segregated=yes foot=designated bicycle=designated

  1. From my point of view, a cycleway=yes/track/lane does not fit to path types (footway, cycleway, path).
  2. In the case of a segregated path (or possibly cycleway), I always expect the cycle path to be on the left (in countries where driving on the right is mandatory), so simply draw the path in the normal direction of travel.

Given the relatively infrequent use, I don’t expect applications to understand that either.

How do you see it? Is it necessary, ok, superfluous or wrong?

I don’t want to discuss here about the different meaning for designation! We can do the same example with cycleway or path.

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