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Data from OSM (overpy) to geodataframe with polygons

I try to put OSM data (some polygons) to geodataframe. Export from OSM contains LineString. But in the end i need to converte all data into geodataframe in this format:

0 → name_from_tag_first_area → polygon (or multipolygon) type with coordinates

1 → name_from_tag_second_area → polygon (or multipolygon) type with coordinates

And then i will use this GeoDataFrame to visualize this polygons.

import overpy
import requests
import json
import geopandas as gpd

from shapely.geometry import shape

url = ""
query = """[out:json];
area['boundary' = 'administrative']['name' = 'Москва'] -> .MSK;
relation(area.MSK)['admin_level' = 8]['boundary' = 'administrative']['name'='Бескудниковский район'];
relation(area.MSK)['admin_level' = 8]['boundary' = 'administrative']['name'='район Восточное Дегунино'];
convert item ::=::,::geom=geom(),_osm_type=type();
out geom;"""
response = requests.get(url, params={'data': query})
data = response.json()

geo_df = gpd.GeoDataFrame(data['elements'])

wrong result:

In my dataframe not a polygons - only geometrycollection with LineString. Please could you explain how I can do this taskю Thanks.

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