Decisions taken during the 2023-09-28 OSMF board meeting


The decisions of the OSMF board during the 2023-09-28 meeting. Please note that the wording might slightly change and draft minutes will be added.

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Interpretation of the etiquette guidelines - Background

According to the board, there is no explicit reference to profanity in the Etiquette Guidelines and the board asks the moderators to always seek for the intent of the people who have written the message, interpreting whether a message is inappropriate or not.

OSMF move to the EU - Background

Approved budget of GBP 4000 for Agio Legal to investigate how to transfer the Contributor Term agreements on a move to the EU. Guillaume Rischard (board) is tasked to find an additional law firm and establish contact, independent of this budget

Policy on project-wide user suspensions and bans - Background

Decision to put the proposed project-wide policy on suspensions and bans into action. Second, to revisit the topic next month. And third, as an action item for Roland Olbricht (board) to start a discussion on about this or to watch out for discussions taking place there and inform the board about the feedback, having an informed discussion next month.

Strategic plan - Background

Adopted the strategic plan.

Belgium Local Chapter - Background

Accepted the termination of the Local Chapter agreement, requested by the Open Knowledge Foundation Belgium, effective immediately.

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