Definition change of path in dec 2022

Hi guys,
has there been some voting for the definition change of highway=path done in dec 2022 by user @multimodaal ?

I’m disliking the new def, also now there is a mismatch between the en-version and the localized versions.

Old def:

highway=path is a generic path, either multi-use or unspecified usage, open to all non-motorized vehicles and not intended for motorized vehicles unless tagged so separately. The path may have any type of surface.

New def:

highway=path indicates a generic path that is used by pedestrians, small vehicles like bicycles, and/or animals. This includes walking and hiking trails, bike paths, horse and stock trails, mountain bike trails, as well as multi-use paths for cyclists and pedestrians or similar combinations. …
A highway=path is not for use by four-wheeled (two-track) vehicles.

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