Denmark - Connect Isolated Highways

Hello Denmark OSM Community,

Today I would like to share with you a newly created challenge in MapRoulette to connect isolated roads that we have detected in different locations in the country.

The 15 tasks were generated based on analysis of highway classifications and their connection to the rest of the road network, and the objective is to Identify and connect if needed cases where the end of the way with tag highway=* is not connected to the rest of the road network.

We hope that this challenge is of your interest, you can access it from the following link(Denmark - Connect Isolated Highways: MapRoulette), where you will also find the description and more details that may help you solve the errors detected.

For more detailed information, you can refer to the Denmark GitHub page (Denmark | Data Improvements · Issue #147 · tomtom-international/open-data · GitHub) or visit the MapRoulette challenge page.

Wishing you a happy weekend and enjoyable editing!

Salim, TomTom

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