Deprecated landuse=reservoir tags & Fix deprecated highway road (Pirkanmaa)

Hello Finland OSM community,

I would like to share two new MapRoulette challenges today that might capture your interest. Your contributions could enhance the map, and I hope these tasks will add significant value to the map in Finland.

  • Finland - Update deprecated landuse=reservoir tags in Pirkanmaa (MapRoulette): This particular challenge helps you update the deprecated tag landuse=reservoir on water reservoirs in Portugal. The OSM wiki recommends that this tag be replaced by natural=water + water=reservoir. You will find detailed guidelines for how to do this in the left-hand instruction panel of each task. While editing the water bodies in this challenge, you may further improve them by correcting their outline if needed, or remove them if they no longer exist.

  • Finland - Fix deprecated highway road in Pirkanmaa (MapRoulette): Each task in this challenge will point you to a road in Finland tagged with highway=road. This tag is used when the kind of road is unknown. If you can reliably verify the type of road, give it a more descriptive highway tag. To do so, follow the detailed guidelines in the left-hand instruction panel of the tasks. While editing the roads in this challenge, you may further improve them by correcting their course or tagging.

Feel free to contact me by replying to this post/email or by leaving a comment on the Finland GitHub page (Finland | Data Improvements · Issue #11 · tomtom-international/open-data · GitHub) or the MapRoulette challenge task itself.

Wishing you a great day and enjoyable editing!

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