Deprecation of building:part=column

Hi, I noticed that the building:part=column page now redirects to man_made=column in which there’s:

building:part=column ‒ The tag building:part=* is only to be used on closed ways (areas). Use man_made=column instead.

This was discussed in the “OSMWorld Discord” server but I would like to discuss it also here with a broader audience. In my opinion this is wrong.

man_made=column should be used for important, distinguishable and historic columns, while building:part=column should be allowed for the 3D mapping of buildings.

Also building:part=column (as every building:part=* value, even building:part=no, but this is another story…) is already supported by 3d renderers, while man_made=column is not.

I take F4map as an example:

  • building:part=column
  • man_made=column (this one which even has an height tag)

Also man_made=column has 1555 uses on Taginfo, building:part=column has 3508 uses.

What you think about this?

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