Derivative Use of OSM - and dangerous alpine hiking routes

I’m considering using OSM as a base map for a project. I’m happy to upload any tweaks if I make any to fulfil the licencing requirements, however, there are some very dangerous hiking routes shows as “highway” - ‘paths’.

These involve some steep, exposed rock climbing that could easily result in a fall & fatal injury. The map I’m creating is aimed at experienced climbers/adventurers and I intend to include some of my GPXs indicative of the route, with the appropriate annotation and warnings.

It seems really irresponsible to consider uploading these back to OSM in the ‘highway’ attribute as they’ll turn up on all of the hiking trace apps.

Can I simply omit the existing OSM ‘paths’ and use mine without uploading to OSM? Would OSM consider a new attribute category called ‘rockclimbs’?

Uploading any other trails are fine, I’m not precious over them. It’s easy to find gpx’s of the routes that others have shared on Wikiloc.

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