Descriptions for meadow=paddock and meadow=pasture

In March 2020, some content was added to Key:meadow, including the following descriptions:

  • meadow=paddock : an area of grass where horses or other animals are kept
  • meadow=pasture : a pasture for grazing livestock, usually fenced, not used for cutting hay

These descriptions are still present there and I find them confusing because, AFAIK,

  • the difference between paddocks and pastures is not that paddocks would be for horses and pastures for other grazing animals, but the difference is that paddocks are usually smaller than pastures and most of them are not grassy at all (but the word paddock is used differently in different regions), more details see Talk:Tag:meadow=paddock - OpenStreetMap Wiki
  • in British English “livestock” does not include horses (in US English it does), so the above description for pasture would not cover horse pastures, but Riding - OpenStreetMap Wiki recommends meadow=pasture for horse pastures since 2012.

Can we change “livestock” to “animals” in the above description for meadow=pasture ? If yes, I wonder why we need tag meadow=paddock at all, because then we already have a tag which is used 18 times as often as meadow=paddock and covers all areas for grazing animals (horses and livestock): meadow=pasture. If someone wants to map grassy paddocks, he can simply map the fences on top of a landuse=meadow + meadow=pasture area. For non-grassy paddocks. the use of landuse=meadow is obviously inappropriate.

If we keep tag meadow=paddock, how could the descriptions for meadow=paddock and meadow=pasture be changed so that they don’t overlap and are less confusing?

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