Designating "Traffic Lights" vs "Traffic Signal"

Hi All again… I noticed some [Traffic Lights / Traffic Signal] designation on OSM showing a little icon with vertical [Red / YELLOW / Green] that looks like a hanging traffic light. I’m from USA and I think Traffic Lights & Traffic Signal loosely refer to the same thing. However “personally” I consider Traffic Lights to be like the [Red / YELLOW / Green] icon. 3 lights control device. Some road intersections have a Single [RED] Flashing light on all 4 sides or a [YELLOW] flashing light on the 90 degree positions.

On OSM I’ve seen these control lights called “Traffic Lights” or “Traffic Signals” What is the preferred designation… and should i change the designation on the map from Traffic Signal to Traffic Lights or vice versa according to my lose definition above?

Thanks for your input… :slight_smile:

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