Details removed by import?

Hi Norge!

I noticed that it looks like a lot of details that I spent hours surveying and adding along the E1 path in Femundsmarka have now disappeared (e.g. this stream Way: 1197165145 | OpenStreetMap). Looks like it was done as part of an import, @NKA I think you know something about this.

Obviously, it is not very satisfying to see hours of mapping going down the drain, but more importantly it seems like the situation left by the import process is less detailed (well mapped streams removed, width=* of streams stripped, streams smoothed to less accurate trace, …) than it was before. To some degree the outcome also appears directly inconsistent. For example the streams/paths no longer cross at the mapped bridges/fords like in this example: Way: ‪Linnes veg 1734‬ (‪1197165138‬) | OpenStreetMap. Maybe there some improvements to the import process should be considered? Maybe some cleanup/reverts of imports?

I would argue that imports should never automatically remove/modify already mapped objects in the first place. I would also question the the value of duplicating freely available data (in this case “N50 topo”) at the cost of removing the unique data surveyed and added by contributors. But I guess that’s really up to the Norwegian community to decide for your part of OSM. After all, you have a lot of fjell to map… If policy is that imports override human mapping, I would suggest to somehow make that very clear to (foreign?) mappers, so that others don’t waste their time doing manual surveying/mapping in Norway only to have the work removed (I’ll admit I didn’t research the policy of the Norwegian community before mapping… Others might also not).

God jul fra Danmark!

PS I write in English to spare you from Danish, but I understand Norwegian fairly well so feel free to respond like that

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