Did anyone else receive a menacing message in their OSM inbox?

Hi guys.

Today, I just received a rather disturbing message in my inbox titled “I’m going after you all” (in Spanish: “Voy por todos”). This message contains some text that writes “I know who you all are, including charqueño” (originally: “Ya sé quienes son, incluyendo charqueño”). Since I live in Mexico, and violence is no game here, I wanted to write this message to the community of OSM in general, since the message is written as it is directed to a group of people.

I am truly sorry for this, I will be happy if it’s just a spam attempt, but as I said, I have to take this seriously. The message was written by a user named UlisesDanielMaciasFlores and I just reported it. The name does not ring a bell to me, I don’t even know what is a “charqueño”, seems like it is a last name. If this is something common in OSM, let me know, also, if anyone received a similar message, please let me know. Thank you for your understanding.

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