Diff files with OSMPythontools.overpass

How can I query for diff files using OSMPythontools? Probably used wrong search terms but can’t find how to adjust my query so I only get the changes that occurred since my download. The query I currently use is:

query = overpassQueryBuilder(
bbox=(mila, milo, mala, malo),
elementType=[‘node’, ‘way’, ‘relation’],

How do I adjust above query so I only get items that changed since a certain date?

I assume that the diff file contains all the data of the POI that have changes and I can use the same script to extract the wanted data as I did with the original query. Is this assumption correct?

Do items that have been deleted/removed from the database occur in the diff file? If so, how can these be identified? If not, how can I find the items that are deleted?

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