Difference between "guide_type=intermediary" and "information=route_marker"

I wonder if there is any difference between:

  • information=guidepost + guide_type=intermediary (Wiki, 1k uses, Overpass-Query)
  • information=route_marker (Wiki, 52k uses)

I can not see any difference and in my understanding a route marker is not a real guidepost, that’s why it has it’s own value for the information-tag, beside information=guidepost. And if that is the case, guide_type=intermediary is unnecessary and should be discouraged in the Wiki.

Some of the guide_type=intermediary-nodes actually have a name-tag (Overpass-Query).
However, it seems to me that most of these “names” should not even be in the name-tag. Especially the 159 instances of name=GR13 Wrong way (Overpass-Query)

What is your opinion?

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