Differences in wiki articles about public transport

In Bogota, Colombia, we are defining a guide to map public transport, initially for buses. We want to define the tagging schema with its possible values and define a JOSM preset. However, looking at the wiki documentation, we found that some pages are incomplete, with differences for highway=bus_stop with public_transport=platform.

So, I decided to list the tags mentioned in each article to see the most common documentation. This is the list:

I identified these elements, and I put the corresponding value for Bogota:

  • Pole, bus sign (on one node of the waiting area)
    • highway=bus_stop
    • name=*
  • Wating area (way or area)
    • public_transport=platform
    • shelter=*
    • bench=*
    • bin=*
    • tactile_paving=*
    • name, ref, operator, and network will not be included because they will be in the stop_area relation.
  • Shelter in the waiting area. In Bogota, the waiting areas are bigger than the shelter.
    • amenity=shelter
  • Bus stop on the highway
    • public_transport=stop_position
    • name, ref, operator, and network will not be included because they will be in the stop_area relation.
  • Relation to group the previous elements.
    • type=public_transport
    • public_transport=stop_area
    • name=*
    • ref=XXX#YY
    • network=SITP
    • operator=One of the 20 operators.
    • public_transport:version=2
    • Member:
      • stop: public_transport=stop_position
      • platform: public_transport=platform
      • EMPTY: amenity=shelter

The pole (bus_stop) is not included in the relation. It seems it is used for legacy software.

What do you think about the

As part of the differences in the article, I found:

  • highway=platform is only mentioned in some articles. The most confusing one is Public Transport on the table.
  • The highway=bus_stop article lists the same tags as public_transport=platform, so I consider this article does not differentiate between “bus stop sign” and “waiting area.”
  • Few articles include the concept of relation to not duplicate values like name, ref, operator, and network. Therefore, they propose to include them, which leads to duplicate values in the database.
  • The area=yes tag is mentioned in some articles, saying it is required; in others, it says it is unnecessary.

What do you think about these differences in the articles?

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