Different data on different zoom levels


I’m nivaOne and new in the forum but a mapper since 2011.
I only use the in-browser editor. My contributions have been rather simple/easy.

My goal is to improve the information in the region I live. Next to that I have a focus on the maxspeed attribute as this often seems to be ignored, not present or faulty. Where possible I add as an many ALPR (ANPR) as well as Fietszone details. The latter is quite hard as the legislation has changed earlier this year (street is now zone, in combination with missing F111 / F113 signs for instance.)

I have recently removed some companies that are no longer existing or have moved to another location. Often other companies have moved in, which I have then added afterwards. I notice however that these companies still remain visible on OSM. More particular only on certain zoom levels. On other zoom levels the new companies seem to appear.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here? Any assistance would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

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