Discouraged: Mapping thing that are merely proposed or planned

Caution: It is highly disputed and widely regarded incorrect to map things in OSM that do not yet exist in reality. Things mapped in OSM should be real and verifiable.

The opinion of the majority of experienced mappers is:
(correct me if I’m wrong with this assumption)

  • Do not map features that are merely proposed or planned. Even doing this using proposed: prefixes is highly controversial.

  • It is perfectly fine to map things that are in the process of being constructed but not yet completed (using appropriate tags like building=construction or highway=construction).

Some mappers have put a lot of effort into mapping completely fictional things like long motorways or huge building complexes.

I’m hesitant to remove these things, because it effectively wipes out other people’s work that’s probably worth hours or days of dedication. On the other hand, it probably shouldn’t be on the map in the first place.

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