Discourse and mailing list mode?

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I agree here. Discourse seems to pay lip service claiming to support mailing list mode. While some of the issues are easily fixable:

  • converting quoting format from strange xml-alike to regular messages format quoting
  • allowing users to receive their own postings

Some are more problematic:

  • proper threading is highly unlikely unless “global reply” button at the bottom is completely removed (i.e. forcing people who want to reply to first message so they should hit reply on the first message, not at the bottom of the thread)
  • then proper References: and In-Reply-To: header can be made to work
  • how to do much harder separation between categories (e.g. if I was subscribed just to talk-hr ML, I dont really want to be auto-subscribed to everything by default; i.e. “one mailing list - one category” idea)

And some are very hard without heavy compromises:

  • how to handle when user edits the message
  • how to handle reactions

(this is not to be considered exhaustive list of differences, but just a few that irked me hugely so far).

But if effort were put into to, most of it could be made workable (hey, maybe someone already made some plugin for that?)

What I was hoping for, is for something that (beside allowing easier access for web-based folks) would allow for easy migration from/assimilation of mailing list - e.g. write a converter for mailman subscribers which translates one mailing list => one Discourse category and then seamlessly transfer them all subscribers on “D-day” so they’re not even aware that the underlying mailing list software changed, unless the follow the link from the headers and try to change the settings.

That would be great and allow for merging of technologies. Current Discourse e-mail supports certainly feels like a huge downgrade to me (if mailing list were to be moved there). As a web forum, it also IMHO shows huge weakness when a message count in thread grows over one or two dozen messages (especially if they are not short one-liners but more elaborate ones), when compared to mailman mailing list (don’t get me wrong: it has its advantages though, like being able to jump in the middle of conversation with no fuss, and reactions and flags etc.; it is just that in its current incarnation it does not seem suited for longer threads/subthreads and/or merging with ML).

TL;DR: is there some Discourse plugin or option that might make it more usable when used via e-mail?

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